An Idea from the Yarn Harlot

I want to share a great idea from the Yarn Harlot.
Cover to Yarn Harlot
Some of you may not have met the Yarn Harlot. She’s a wonderful and very funny lady from Canada who has captured knitters, all kinds of knitters in her many books. Stephanie Pearl-McPhee Casts Off or The Yarn Harlot’s Guide to the Land of Knitting, ends with this:

“We all know it looks like yarn, but it is love . . . and for this it’s worth giving up all your closet space.”

For more from the Yarn Harlot check out her blog where you can also find links to her many books.

The idea I want to share is her One Row Handspun Scarf, a free pattern that has been knit into 9178 projects by members of Ravelry. Continue Reading


Ebb and Flow Lace

Hi There!

082Ebb & Flow Shawl 1A

I am very pleased to show you my pattern for Ebb and Flow Lace for BK Collective. The pattern has just been posted to Ravelry with two listings; one for the scarf and one for shawl since they are made from different yarns at slightly different gauges.  Continue Reading