An Idea from the Yarn Harlot

I want to share a great idea from the Yarn Harlot.
Cover to Yarn Harlot
Some of you may not have met the Yarn Harlot. She’s a wonderful and very funny lady from Canada who has captured knitters, all kinds of knitters in her many books. Stephanie Pearl-McPhee Casts Off or The Yarn Harlot’s Guide to the Land of Knitting, ends with this:

“We all know it looks like yarn, but it is love . . . and for this it’s worth giving up all your closet space.”

For more from the Yarn Harlot check out her blog where you can also find links to her many books.

The idea I want to share is her One Row Handspun Scarf, a free pattern that has been knit into 9178 projects by members of Ravelry. Continue Reading


Hiding in Purple Haze


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This summer I  knit this large scarf out of a new Jorstad Creek yarn using a pattern from a local designer. Continue Reading

My Grandparents’ Afghan

Whole Afgan

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I recently went through the treasures in a cedar chest and rediscovered this afghan.

I knit most of this afghan when I was in college. Many of us knit or crocheted, often waiting in line for dinner. (Why we waited in line so often for so long isn’t clear to me now.  Maybe it was the social hour or maybe the good stuff was likely to be gone if you weren’t toward the front of the line.)

Medium View Afgan Continue Reading

Introducing the Lakemoor Vest

MV Woolens-46MV Woolens-50

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I am really excited to show you the pattern I am releasing today on Ravelry and at the Nordic Knitting Conference in Seattle. The Lakemoor Vest is a relatively simple project with a big impact. It is a fun way to use that beautiful, wild sock yarn you could not resist but wouldn’t use for socks.

MV Woolens-60 Continue Reading

Finding the Best Yarn Companions

It is fall in the Pacific Northwest and my urge to knit is strong. Even stronger than the urge to buy school supplies! (Every September I want to buy pens and paper. How can that still be true, after all these years?)

One of my favorite yarn choices is a combination of a one multi-colored and one solid-colored yarn, probably because a wide range of effects are possible. Some combinations have a bold, high contrast look while others combinations are subtle and complex.

MV Woolens-61MV Woolens-62

These pictures show details of a vest I made using sock yarns. Much of the impact of this combination comes from the high contrast between these two yarns. The contrast is created in part by a light-dark contrast and in part by a contrast of hue or color. (These are only two of seven kinds of contrast Johannes Itten discusses in his classic work The Elements of Color, but two are enough for me.) Continue Reading

A Cake for the Blocking Party


Spiral Cowl Blocking

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Well. . . a cake for a blocking party but not a cake you would want to devour. It is another approach to blocking circular knits.  As you may recall from these posts Spiral Cowl and Another Spiral Cowl , I have been struggling with how to block my circular cowls. Continue Reading