About Me

Trillium cropped 1My favorite flower is a Trillium, a native plant here in Western Washington.  We have one that grows in the front year.  Every year I worry whether it will come up and am joyful when it makes an appearance.  I’ve tried planting bulbs but have had no luck.

I love color and colorful patterns both in knitting and the colors I wear. You can see this is in the projects and yarn in the banner picture. Rest assured I use colors other than blue, red and gold.

I love puzzles – all kinds of puzzles; sudoku, crossword and jigsaw puzzles. The knitting I like the best is also a puzzle; complex color, stitch and lace patterns, architectural designs with unusual shapes.

Some people are product knitters. For them it is all about the finished product, getting to wear the new scarf or sweater.  Other people are process knitters.  I am definitely a process knitter. For us it is about solving the puzzle of the pattern and the meditation of the knitting process.

I prefer plastic needles with sharp points because they are light, warm and help me dig into lace and pattern stitches.

I always have more than one project in the works. Easy knitting for the car or social situations; more complex knitting for times I can be completely engaged.

When planning for a vacation, I organize the knitting I will take before I gather my clothes, books, or recreational equipment.

Two friends and I are BK Collective which is publishing patterns on Ravelry.  So far the patterns are for smaller projects such as accessories but I am working on our first garment pattern.

You can read a little more about me in my first post.

In essence, I have been knitting forever and still find new experiences to explore. Drop in anytime and share the adventure!



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