Woodard Bay Hat and a New Partner

Row House Yarns is now carrying my Woodard Bay Hat pattern which I’ve redone in both DK and Aran weight yarns. The Airy Blue and Saffron Spice hats are made with Hazelwood, a DK weight yarn and the Gray hat is in Arranmore, both from Jorstad Creek.

This hat is knit in the round, with directions for two sizes which can be made in either weight yarn. Because the twisted rib pattern is very stretchy, each size fits a wide range of head measurements. This stitch pattern also makes this hat warm and cozy; warm enough to keep you toasty while watching the Great Blue Herons and Cormorants at the Woodard Bay Conservation Area. If you like birds, especially big water birds as much as I do, you will love Woodard Bay near Olympia.

woodard Bay Conservation Area

We at BK Collective are excited to collaborate with Row House Yarns. Row House Yarns sources its yarns from artisans who monitor the sourcing of their fibers.  They take care to use fibers only from well-treated animals, and they also act environmentally responsibly in different ways by minimizing the use of chemicals, re-using water, using recycled materials (including in yarn), and sourcing locally when possible. Row House Yarns also provides extensive support for beginning knitters.




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