The Canyons


The Adventure Guy and I love the canyon country of Southern Utah. This spectacular picture of Bryce Canyon was taken by Jean-Christophe Benoist and licensed under an agreement with Wikimedia Commons.

The majesty and rhythm of Utah’s canyon country inspired two new patterns I am releasing this week, the Canyon Trail Shawl and the Canyon Rim Shawl.2014-12-13 14.32.58 (2)2014-12-13 15.27.38

Disclosure:  I have not been to Bryce Canyon but the picture above was so perfect for my vision of the country, and the inspiration of these shawls that I couldn’t resist using it.  I have been to Arches and Canyonlands National Parks.  Where we saw:

WIndow Arch 2 (mod)canyonlands_sunset

Can you tell which pictures is mine and which is not?

But back to the shawls . . .

The Canyon Rim Shawl has shaping that hugs your shoulders, similar to shawls from the Faroe Islands. Myrna Stahman explains this approach in detail in her book, Stahman’s Shawls and ScarvesThe Canyon Rim Shawl has a center back panel with a triangle panel on each side. Each triangle panel is worked at first as two separate triangles to shape the shoulders; then integrated to become one triangle. This creates the shoulder hugging shape you can see in the pictures below.

Canyon Rim 1 Collage

I’ve worn this shawl for extended periods of time without having to adjust it or use a shawl pin to keep it in place.  It just stays right there on my shoulders.

The first version of the shawl (above) is made with 1 skein (435 yards) of Iona from Jorstad Creek, a fingering weight, merino silk blend yarn.

Canyon Rim Pgwd 1 Canyon Rim Pgwd 2

And this one is made from Pagewood Farms Denali in the color Maple Leaf.  I worked this second version on a larger needle and got a somewhat bigger shawl.

2014-12-13 14.30.50 (2)2014-12-13 14.32.44-2

The second shawl, Canyon Trail Shawl, has a classic triangle shape and uses the same stitch patterns. This shawl is made with Malabrigo Sock Yarn in the Archangel” colorway.

2014-12-13 15.47.32Canyon Rim Pgwd Detail

The shawls are adorned with beads.  The good news is that you don’t need to string the beads on the yarn ahead of time.  Instead, you use a very small crochet hook to put the beads where you want them, as you come to the right stitch.

On both shawls I used colors that reminded me of Utah but the pattern stitch looks good in other colors as well.

We aren’t heading to Utah this year but we will sometime soon. If you get there, visit Desert Thread, the yarn store in Moab, Utah.  Meet Cathy O’Connor & Rosie Boone who are sisters and co-owners of Desert Thread. That’s where I bought the yarn from Pagewood Farms.

 Thanks for dropping by.  I’m off to more KnitKnot Adventures.



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