BK Collective is published on Patternfish

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2015 just keeps getting better!

BK Collective is now published on Patternfish, a Canadian website with knitting, crochet and weaving patterns.  We are featured in the Patternfish February Newsletter which you can find here. Click on Our Newest Designers and Publishers in the upper right hand corner of the In This Issue box. The main focus of the issue is the best selling patterns of 2014.  We aren’t in that section, yet.

You can also click on this link if you want to go directly to the BK Collective patterns.

The only new, new pattern is the one for Traveler’s Creek Toe-Up Socks by my friend, Kerry Graber.

Traveler's Sock Header

Kerry says:

This is a comfortable, fitted sock with a square “seamless” toe, an instep that fits snug to the foot, and a French heel modified for simplicity. The pattern also features a triangular gusset to help the sock rise from the arch to the ankle with a good fit. The fancy cuff features a series of “traveler” stitches that move from side to side like a creek tumbling down a hillside.

Traveler’s Creek Socks is an intriguing pattern, even for me, even though I don’t knit socks.

You can also still find all the BK Collective patterns on Ravelry.

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