You Gotta Have Pictures

Hi There!

When I envisioned designing and publishing knitting patterns, I thought I had the necessary skill and experience. I thought it would be a straightforward process, involving knowledge and skills I’ve honed over the decades. After all, I’ve been knitting forever, reading knitting patterns forever, writing and editing complex specialized documents for half of forever.

What I didn’t think about were the pictures.


A knitting pattern needs pictures. And not just any pictures. You need pictures that beckon to knitters. Pictures that call out “Make me, you know you want make me.”

So you need a photo shoot, which means a photographer and model.


Here is the rest of the BK Collective team getting ready for a photo shoot with the knitted samples.  On the left are Amber Gizinski (our model) and Christina of Christina Corrine Photogrpahy. Kerry Graber and Kaia Petersen (on the right) are my two partners in BK Collective.


You need pictures that show the knitted work close up. Here are pictures of accessories knit with Jorstad Creek Tweed DK. You also need pictures that show how gorgeous the item is in use and, by extension, how gorgeous the wearer will be.


Here’s Kaia posing Amber for the shot Christina is about to take.

You might have noticed that Kerry and Kaia are bundled up. I too was in my down jacket. The model at a photo shoot doesn’t have that luxury, even when modeling knit wear.

IMG_0458 IMG_0465

Amber had to sit on the freezing rocks yet in the photo she’s beautiful without any sign of discomfort, creating new pictures for the Spiral Cowl pattern.

Once you have the pictures, you often need edit them; crop them to focus on what you want to highlight, brighten or darken them to copy well, and then load them on to different platforms with different requirements – Ravelry, Pinterest, this blog – separate from the pattern.

Fortunately for me, Word and Windows Live Photo Gallery have many of the tools needed.

There are also other programs to help. Many other programs. GIMP, for example. Who knew “GIMP” is not just a derogatory term for a person with physical disabilities, but also photo editing software?  Probably everyone but me. (GIMP = GNU Image Manipulation Program but don’t ask me what GNU stands for.)

And PicMonkey which is photo editing software that can be used for collages in a variety of formats. And Canva which “makes design simple for everyone.”

I’m hoping I don’t need to use all these programs, each for a function or two.  Is there one that does it all? Do you use any of them?  Which would you recommend for what kind of use?

Thanks for stopping by.  I’m off to more KnitKnot Adventures.



5 thoughts on “You Gotta Have Pictures

  1. I really enjoyed your “behind-the-scenes” post. Your model was a trooper!

    Adobe Photoshop is the program that I use for all my photo editing- you can do just about anything you want with photos in it. There’s a lightweight version called Lightroom by Adobe that I’ve never used but have heard great things about.


  2. I think you “guys” found the right photographer and model for the patterns although the learning curve models and photo shoots were highly “entertaining” and instructive.


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