Maker’s Mercantile

DSCN0927Maker's Mercantile

Hi There!

Maker’s Mercantile is a yarn store and more in Kent, Washington. It is very near a well known local landmark, the Ikea store.


The Mercantile is hosting a trunk show of Jorstad Creek yarns until the end of the month. The picture above shows some of the yarns on display and worked into designs by Evelyn A. Clark, a local designer.

The store is one of the many one story buildings in the area. It can be easy to overlook this treasure until you walk through the door.


Inside there is a wealth of color – on the walls, in the yarn, on the people wearing wonderful knits.


Also on the posts in the store which were covered in a rainbow of knitting.

The yarns are diverse and not often seen in other stores. Some are shown on the Maker’s Mercantile website; there are many more in the store itself. There is also ribbon, buttons, a whole wall of knitting needles and crochet hooks.

Maker’s Mercantile hosts Rylie’s Cakes, a bakery with great coffee and gluten-free treats. The piece of Chicken Dijon quiche I had for lunch was divine.


I was most impressed with an incredible lounge area with table space for about 25 knitters and a jigsaw puzzle table. It was clear that many knitters and crocheters come and relax in the Mercantile with a cup of java and a treat; meeting old and new friends to visit and share our craft.


I loved this sign in the lounge.

Kerry Graber, the owner of Jorstad Creek yarns, gave presentations during the day about finding local, northwest shepherds and creating yarn from the wool they produce. Also about the process she uses to hand dye locally sourced and commercial yarns. I helped by talking about the BK Collective patterns which feature the yarns.


Kerry also brought additional Jorstad Creek yarns that were on display last Saturday; Isle of Skye, Tweed DK, and Whidbey.

Maker’s Mercantile is open seven days a week. Jorstad Creek yarns are there until the end of the month. Plan to drop in any time you are in the neighborhood and don’t be surprised if you stay a while.

Thanks for stopping by. I’m off to more KnitKnot adventures!



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