Hiding in Purple Haze


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This summer I  knit this large scarf out of a new Jorstad Creek yarn using a pattern from a local designer.


The yarn is Isle of Skye, a beautiful lace-weight kid mohair with a silk binder. The two fibers take dye differently: lighter color with high sheen in the silk contrasting with deep and rich color in the mohair. The pictures in Jorstad Creek’s Gallery show the complexity of the yarn much better than mine.It is the Blackberry color of the yarn I used which makes it “Purple Haze”.

I prefer Isle of Skye as an alternative to Rowan Glace, or Cascade Kid Seta.

Purple Haze Detail

The pattern is titled Hiding Place, designed by Kerri Hartman. It was the pattern stitch that caught my attention when I saw it on Kerri at the Madrona Fiber Arts conference last year. The knitting is simple enough to knit waiting for a doctor’s  appointment with my mother and yet the result is able to catch interest in a crowded yarn market.

Kerri Hartman is one of the Bazzar Girls with a yarn shop of that name in downtown Port Townsend, Washington. I plan to visit this week while at Fort Worden for an annual knitting retreat.  When I went to the shop in the spring, this figure welcomed visitors. She was cute but not too chatty.

Bazaar Girls 2

When travelling north, you take a right off Port Townsend’s Main Street onto Quincy Street and the shop is on the left. If you walk into Puget Sound, you’ve gone too far.

Bazaar Girls1

The Bazaar Girls Yarn Shop and Fibre Emporium is full of live and color. This is an excerpt from the Bazaar Girls website

Bazaar girls are gatherers. We are charmed by yarns, fabrics, tins, jars, and buttons. We surround ourselves with objects that both quiet and inspire us. . . It is the daily intention of the Bazaar Girl’s Yarn Shop to attract creative souls, learn from them, and provide them with the tools they require to keep moving forward.

The shop is filled with local and hard to find yarns, such as:

  • Spincyle Yarns
  • Local Color – Bainbridge Island dyers who use yarn from Wyoming
  • Colinton – Australia’s fine lace weight yarn in all colors
  • Jade Sapphire Cashmere
  • Swans Island Merino – organic with natural dyes

If you are in Port Townsend this week, there is a class in Double Knitting at 3 – 5 pm on Thursday afternoon. Every Thursday evening the store has “Nip’nKnit” for those over 21 years old. Check it all out whenever you are in Port Townsend.

Thanks for dropping by. I’m off to more KnitKnot Adventures.



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