Introducing the Lakemoor Vest

MV Woolens-46MV Woolens-50

Hi There!

I am really excited to show you the pattern I am releasing today on Ravelry and at the Nordic Knitting Conference in Seattle. The Lakemoor Vest is a relatively simple project with a big impact. It is a fun way to use that beautiful, wild sock yarn you could not resist but wouldn’t use for socks.

MV Woolens-60

This is the complete vest. In my last post, Finding the Best Yarn Companions, I gave you a couple of peeks at it and talked about choosing yarn combinations with a multi-colored yarn to result in the effect you want.  The combination of yarns in this vest has high contrast – both dark-light and contrast in hue or color. Bright and bold.

Blue Diagonal Vest Front Blue Diagonal Vest Side

The blue version of the Lakemoor Vest is at the other end of the spectrum. It has low contrast; both yarns are in the middle of the light to dark range and they both have muted blues.  Complex and subtle.

Diagonal Vest 1 001Double Triangle Purple Vest

The vest is modular and it all starts with a triangle. A triangle turns in to a front panel and a double triangle turns into the back. Once the shoulder seems are joined, the other pieces and bands are picked up and knitted on to those pieces.

MV Woolens-59MV Woolens-61

I great fun designing this vest. The front and back panels are calibrated to the width of your shoulders. Once these and the shoulder seams are done, the sides are worked sideways.  You can check the fit as you go.  The bands are the finishing touch.

The design work didn’t translate directly into the pattern. “Knit until it is as wide or long as you need” isn’t specific enough for most knitters.  So, the pattern is written to standard sizes with information about altering the distance around the torso.

bk collective logo square (2)

Today is also the launch of a new look for BKC Patterns. Our patterns have been redesigned by Lenna Peterson and feature a new logo. This first set also has gorgeous photography by Barnaby Britton. The pictures of the Lakemoor Vest in this post are Barnaby’s. Check out all our patterns on Ravelry. We are very excited!

If you are in town (Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood) for the  Nordic Knitting Conference, stop by the Jorstad Creek Yarns booth to check out Kerry’s new yarns and BK Collective’s new patterns.

Thanks for dropping by. I’m off to more KnitKnot Adventures.



2 thoughts on “Introducing the Lakemoor Vest

    • Unfortunately, the stated yardage requirements of the vest were not enough to knit most sizes of the vest. I apologize for the error.

      After a number of tests, the current estimate is that the vest will take approximately 465 (530, 588, 645, 700) yards of EACH of two sock or fingering weight yarns. These numbers include at least a 10% margin. I am revising the pattern and conducting additional tests.

      If anyone reading this purchased a hard copy, paper version of the pattern, please contact me at and I will get you a revised copy of the pattern when it is available.

      This is my favorite design and I am gratified that so many knitters purchased the pattern recently. I want to make sure your experience with the pattern is a good one.



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