Spiral Cowl

Noro Spiral Cowl

Hi There!

I’m happy to be here after a long absence.  There was an illness in my family that occupied my attention. It has taken a long while to get back on track.

Whidbey Spiral Cowl

I did find time to design a new pattern I call the Spiral Cowl, based on a stitch pattern I showed you in a prior post. It only uses about a half a skein of medium sock weight yarn, so you can make one for you and one for a friend from one large skein.  I’ve knit one with Noro’s Silk Garden Sock which creates the beautiful rings of color. And another with Jorstad Creek’s Whidbey which has a lot of body and highlights the ridges.

Diagonal Ridge Detail

The pattern stitch is simple and creates a raised ridge that spirals (no surprise there!).  In this picture of one of the samples you can the ridge and the three dimensional effect it creates.

I had to think awhile about whether to block this cowl.  I didn’t want to flatten the ridges but I did want to highlight the scalloped edge.  So I only pinned out the outer edge.  No steam.

Whidbey Spiral Cowl Blocking

In the picture you can only see the pins pulling the points out.  There are also pins between the points pulling that area in.  And a bit of a cat who was supervising.

The next time I block one of these cowls, I may only wet the outer edge. The wet middle was a management problem, since I didn’t want to shape it. And yes, there will be a next time; I already have two more of these cowls in the works.

The pattern has options for how long to make the cowl and how wide to make the neckline.  The multi-colored cowl has the smaller neckline; the blue cowl has more depth.

Quinna's Spiral Cowl

I like to wear the cowl bunched up between the two edges. My friend Quinna likes hers without the folds.

Thanks for dropping by. I’m off to more KnitKnot Adventures.



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