What is 450 grams in yarn?

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3 skeins

I’m told in the blogosphere that there are frequent searches for “What is 450 grams in yarn? “

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Spiral Cowl

Noro Spiral Cowl

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I’m happy to be here after a long absence.  There was an illness in my family that occupied my attention. It has taken a long while to get back on track.

Whidbey Spiral Cowl

I did find time to design a new pattern I call the Spiral Cowl, based on a stitch pattern I showed you in a prior post. It only uses about a half a skein of medium sock weight yarn, so you can make one for you and one for a friend from one large skein.  I’ve knit one with Noro’s Silk Garden Sock which creates the beautiful rings of color. And another with Jorstad Creek’s Whidbey which has a lot of body and highlights the ridges. Continue Reading