My CustomFit Sweater is Finished!

Hi There!

DSCN0292Europa Back

My Customfit sweater is finished, done, fini!  Although I am happy with the final result I have struggled with this sweater.

What is Customfit?  Customfit is Amy Herzog’s software that creates a pattern from scratch for you in the style you want, with the yarn you want.  Detailed measurements of your body underlie the pattern. A careful swatch supplies the information on gauge.  Once body and swatch measurements are entered you can either select a “simple and classic” pattern or make detailed choices about the sweater you want.  These details include the length of the body, the length of the sleeve, the type of neckline, the width and front depth of the neckline.

The patterns have sophisticated shaping in the body, not the side seams.  As an example, my cardigan back had double darts on each side to decrease the width from the hip to the waist.

Many knitters have declared that their CustomFit sweater is the first one ever to really fit.  It seems to me that the women who say this are those who are the farthest from the standard sweater sizes.  The women are busty, or have an unusual combination of shoulders and bust; large shoulders and a small bust or smaller shoulders and a big bust.  Here are some of Amy’s posts that show pictures of Customfit sweaters, “From Scratch I, III and IV

My experience.  The sweater took way longer than I expected due to delay in the star of my beta testing group, our trip in September and lots of ripping and reknitting. My first draft of this post took you on my journey with each stage of knitting, ripping and reknitting. . .ripping and reknitting.  Fortunately for you that section is on the cutting room floor.

The reasons for all the ripping and reknitting varied.

  • Some related to being a tester and finding things that have since been fixed. No problem, that’s what being a tester means.
  • Some related to a couple of aspects of the pattern that weren’t what I wanted so I ripped and reknit them the way I prefer.
  • Too much was related to not paying close attention to the sweater in progress.

CustomFit October Cardy 023

Here is just one example. With the body pieces assembled and one sleeve basted in, we took some pictures so I could show Amy how it was going and that the sleeve that was too big around. This is one of the pictures. It is clear the back neck is much lower than my usual – definitely  too low. But I wasn’t paying attention and didn’t fix it until later when it involved taking out the shoulder seams and part of both sleeve cap seams to reknit the top of the back.

The sweater. It fits, as you can see in the first pictures. It feels great when I wear it.

In the early stages, I wished I had picked a plainer yarn so the shaping would show more clearly.  After torturing the yarn, I was glad for all the color and texture, but pictures don’t show the shaping.  See some of Amy’s “From Scratch” posts above for examples.

Detail of BandEuropa Band Process

I had fun with the front and neck bands, adding a simple cable that I highlighted with a crocheted chain stitch.


Always, I mean always (when using any pattern or free lancing), stay aware, look closely at the knitting, measure everything as you knit.  I mean ALWAYS.

If you have trouble getting your sweaters to fit, you should try Customfit. When you do,

  • Be clear about the sweater you want to knit. You might want to find a picture of a sweater you like or a pattern in a different gauge than the yarn you want to use to guide your choices.
  • Be very careful about your measurements and the swatch.  The precision in the program will be lost without precision in the measurements and swatch.

If you are interested in Customfit, this is a good time to get involved.  Amy is in the early stages of a Knit Along using CustomFit.  You can watch the action, even if you aren’t knitting along.

I’m planning to use Customfit again – maybe for a sweater for my daughter.

Thanks for dropping by.  I’m off to more KnitKnot Adventures.



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