What I Knit on My Vacation

Hi There!

Before anything else, I want to address some rumors. . .

No, I haven’t stopped writing this blog.

No, the blog won’t only be about yarn stores, although yarn stores are an element of my knitting adventures and will be showcased here periodically.

Yes, I am still knitting.  I knit the whole time we were traveling around Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana.

Winnowing Shawl

First, the finished project, “Winnowing, designed by Bristol Ivy for Boston Tweed.  I chose a matte yarn, Lace Wing Sock by Fly Designs in Denim to look great with jeans.  I like to wear scarfs and shawls but these days I wear jeans a lot of the time and some lace seems too dressy.  This pattern is light and open but not fancy or “fou-fouey” and is great with jeans.

1Winnowing Shawl on meinside front

1Winnowing Shawl on me outside back

Although the petal pattern is easy to follow, this shawl is not for the faint of heart.  There are 515 stitches on the final row before the border; close to a thousand rows to bind them all off.  One of the knitters on Ravelry said it took her a month.  Between other projects it took me four or five months.  Mostly it was the monotony that got to me, so if you are watching fall sports, or traveling it might be perfect.

I also had some difficulty with blocking.  None of my usual strategies seemed appropriate since there weren’t straight edges for blocking wires or points for individual pins.

Winnowing Blocking 2Winnowing Shawl Blocking

As I hope you can see in these pictures, I tried running a strong cotton thread around the edge. That worked for the center of the shawl but did not create the smooth edge I wanted. Once the shawl was dry, I steamed the edge as I stretched it.  That evened out the scallops created by the pins but lengthen the edge, adding to the ruffling of the edge. If this doesn’t hang out a bit as I wear it, I will try something else.

But, you ask, what about testing CustomFit?  The cardigan I showed you a while back is in progress. And I will have enough yarn.

I ran into a couple of programming bugs that delayed me.  That is what testing is all about.  It was difficult to keep up with the most recent developments while on the road.  In some places, we didn’t have cell phone service for days. So I put it aside.  I’m back on it now. More about that next time.

Thanks for dropping by. I’m off to more KnitKnot Adventures.



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