Send It Home – A visit to a Local Yarn Store

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Sorry I have been out of touch for a couple of weeks. We’ve been on the road and I wasn’t able to find a way to add new posts.

Send It Home Outside

While visiting Yellowstone National Park, I had an opportunity to visit the yarn store in West Yellowstone, Montana. It would be more accurate to say the store that sells yarn because Pati Taylor, the owner does many things in addition to selling yarn at Ship It Home. As you might guess from the name, another line of business is shipping equipment and souvenirs people don’t want to carry home in the plane or car.

Send it home from Website

I was intrigued by this picture from the store’s website and thought there was yarn on only one shelf in a store with a whole lot else going on.  I was happy to find that there were lots of shelves of yarn.

Send It Home Yarn 2Pati features yarn from local dyers. Raven Ridge and Wolf Creek are two of the labels. I couldn’t resist a skein of Raven Ridge silk merino blend in a color called Piney Woods. Maybe I will design and make a Yellowstone scarf/shawl out of it.

Pati also carries Mountain Colors which is also a locally dyed yarn, although a much bigger company and better known. The kits Mountain Colors puts together for Swirl Sweaters were in stock. What a vacation treat buying one of them would be!

Madison River Alpaca Farm is located in West Yellowstone. Skeins of their alpaca yarn have the name of the individual sheep from whom the fleece came. Yarn from Tolema and Cameron were on the shelf the day I was there. The yarn is spun in Bozeman. Pati told me the owner of the farm is the town librarian and his wife is the music teacher. She said, “That’s how it is in West Yellowstone.”

Send It Home Yarn 1

Ship It Home also carries some good basic yarns by Cascade and Black Sheep. And some fun yarns (Kudos, Mushishi and Baby Alpaca) from Reynolds.

This is a great place to stop if you are heading into Yellowstone National Park and (horrors!) don’t have a knitting project to take with you. Local knitters are lucky to have such high quality yarn right at hand.

People in West Yellowstone talked about it being close to the end of the season, which is April through October. The west gate to the park is closed in November and March. There is limited access through this gate for snow sports in the winter. Send It Home is open in the winter but business is slow. There is an active knitting circle in West Yellowstone that has a group on Ravelry and helps each other beat the winter blues.

Send It Home Quilts

The store also has quilting fabric and supplies.  Pati says there are three (or was it four?) quilters for every knitter who visits. I’m still trying to decide how I feel about that. In the meantime I am just glad that there are enough knitters that we can find great yarn in lots of places.

The website says that Send It Home is “West Yellowstone’s Center for Internet Access, Packing & Shipping, Western Union, Yarn, Fabric, Jewelry and Yellowstone Souvenirs.”  And that doesn’t even include the fact that Pati is a notary public.

That’s how it is in West Yellowstone.

Send It Home, 30 Madison Avenue, West Yellowstone, Montana 59758

Phone (406) 646-7300    FAX (406) 646-7700

Thanks for dropping by. I’m off to more KnitKnot Adventures.



3 thoughts on “Send It Home – A visit to a Local Yarn Store

  1. gosh, I went right through there and didn’t know about this store. Of course, I had already been to the Big Sky Fiber Festival, so I had plenty of yarn and fiber by then!


  2. We could have passed each other at Send It Home! I planned our entire Montana vacation around being at the shop for Knit Night last September, and boy, was I glad I did. I had a wonderful time with the women there, meeting in person those whom I only knew on Ravelry. We had a wonderful evening together.

    Like you, I found the shop to be a wonderful stop for yarn and fiber (as well as other things), and was delighted to see that Pati carries yarn and fiber from Raven Ridge Fiber Arts. Rickieʻs colorways are absolutely amazing.

    My husband and I were in the shop several times during our Yellowstone visit; on Knit Night he was able to spend time with the husband of one of the knitters, so he didnʻt feel left out or bored.

    I love the variety of things in the shop, and loved the friendly atmosphere as well. Mostly, I was thrilled to be able to meet everyone in person, and now I join the group cyberly every Thursday night.


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