Update on Testing “CustomFit” Sweater Design Software

Hi There!

This week I want to tell you about the early phase of testing Amy Herzog’s CustomFit software.

Europa Sleeve in Progress

First, though an update on changes to this blog.  I’ve provided more information about myself on the “About” page.  Check it out here.

Also, I am revising this blog to only show the first bit of each post, with a link to click on to the rest.  This will help readers find prior posts more easily.  I also plan to make this change on the earlier posts.  I’m not sure  but think this this will create a lot of email notices to subscribers.  If so, I am sorry about that.  Just know that this post is the last new content until next week and you can delete any more notices in the next couple of days without missing anything.


My group began testing CustomFit on August 14 with a webinar lead by Amy Herzog.  We then were able to access the sweater design software.  First you enter 22 body measurements (really, 22!).  And detailed information about your washed and blocked swatch.  Then the fun begins.

The software allows you pick either a standard design (crewneck pullover, V-neck cardigan, etc.) or to create a custom design.  Elements of a custom design include a close, average or loose fit, overall length, sleeve length, sleeve shape, neck line shape and depth and more.  Once you make selections, the program tells you the dimensions of each piece.  You can then adjust those dimensions as you like.

Fashion Friday: From Scratch, a post from Amy’s blog shows one of the first completed sweaters from CustomFit. It was built, from scratch, for one particular body, instead of retrofitted from a standard pattern. The shape of the front is different than the shape of the back because bodies are different front and back. Pretty impressive.

What about my sweater, you ask?  As you might have guessed from the picture, I decided to use the Europa yarn in a V-neck cardigan with three-quarter length sleeves using stockinette stitch.  Let me be clear:  The toy cars were my idea and have nothing to do with CustomFit.

I began with a sleeve.  Measuring and weighing the partially completed sleeve re-assured me that I will have enough yarn. For more information on how to make these calculations, check out “How much yarn do I need?”

I’ve now knit both sleeves up to the beginning of the sleeve cap.  And stopped.  Amy and her crew are working on some bugs in the programming, at least one of which will have an impact on my back and maybe the sleeve caps and front pieces.  So I will wait until the bugs are fixed before proceeding.  The original four week deadline has softened, so waiting isn’t a problem.

This hiatus gives me time to focus on perfecting the pattern for my diagonal vest which will be published this fall.

Thanks for dropping by. I’m off to more KnitKnot Adventures.



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