What They Like to Wear

This week I want to show you three vests I made for my husband. The moral of the story is this:

If you want them to wear what you knit, knit what they like to wear.

The knitting I like the best is a puzzle; complex color, stitch and lace patterns or architectural designs with unusual shapes. Two of the vests I’m going to show you are color puzzles.

Tumbling Block Vest FrontTumbling Block Vest Back

The first is a tumbling block vest from my avid Kaffe Fassett period. Sweater versions are in his Glorious Knits. It has three shades in each blue, purple, red or gray block.  And I used two different yarns for each of the three shades; sometimes one and sometimes the other. I lined the vest so that I could just tie off all the ends.  (My husband says that makes it too hot to wear in the house, so think twice before you go that route.)

Noro Irish VestNoro Irish Vest Detail

The second vest is my version of Larry’s Irish Vest from Simply Beautiful Sweaters for Men by Linden Phelps and Beryl Hiatt.  My husband picked a colorway in Noro Silk Garden that he liked and I added the solid colors in Cascade 220.  If you look closely you will see that the edging on the neck and armhole (1×1 rib) is different than the bottom hem (garter).  That’s because I finally understood that my husband doesn’t like the way ribbing pulls in the fabric at the bottom of a garment.  So, I took off the ribbing and added the garter stitch from the top down.

Gray Aran Vest Front

Which brings me to the last vest, an aran V-neck pullover made of a worsted weight yarn from Quinnehticut Woolen Company.  I took elements from many other patterns.  It is heavy with deep armholes to go comfortably over other layers and has no real edgings.

Which vest does my husband wear most often?  The dark gray one.  He says he is comfortable wearing it to work with wood in the garage.  I understand that to mean it is a functional garment, not a work of puzzle art.

If you want them to wear what you knit, knit what they like to wear.

My husband wants me to tell you that he deeply appreciates the artistry, work and love that goes into all the sweaters I make for him.  I know he does.

Thanks for dropping by. I’m off to more KnitKnot Adventures.



One thought on “What They Like to Wear

  1. Excellent point. The straight bottom of a patterned fisherman’s sweater is ideal for anyone who doesn’t like ribbing at the bottom of a sweater. They are also fun to design. I stopped knitting patterned garments for the woodworker in my family when glue became part of the equation! Now to happily concentrate on more for me. 🙂


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