Kaia’s Splendid Shawls

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Kaia's Deciduous Shawl 1My friend Kaia is a knitting fiend.  She’s been pretty much that way for all the time I’ve known her. I’m not sure how long that is – at least 20 years. Like many of us, she always has more than one project on the needles and many more queued up for the near future.  This spring she has risen to new heights, turning out six (yes, I said six) magnificent shawls as if they were as quick to make as her famous peach pies. Today, I am only going to show you five of the shawls as the sixth was just coming off the needles when we were taking pictures of the others.

Kaia decided she would knit shawls in the Jorstad Creek yarns our friend Kerry Graber offers from wool she finds at local northwest farms.  The shawls are samples for Kerry to show in her booth at knitting conferences as well as gatherings of knitters and fiber fanatics.

Kaia says it was a lot of fun to figure out how to pair the yarns with the patterns that would feature their unique qualities.  Kaia also says her shawl frenzy is over for now.  I think that remains to be seen.

The wonderful model in many of these pictures is Dawn Scurlock who took time out from a recent knitting retreat we all attended to help us photograph these shawls.

You can find more information about each shawl by clicking the link to the Ravelry project page.

Enough of that, on to the shawls!

Starting with my favorite:

Deciduous Lace Shawl

Kaia's Deciduous Shawl 1Kaia's Deciduous Shawl 2

The Deciduous Lace Shawl was designed by Evelyn A. Clark. Evelyn is a local wonder who has been designing lace for a long time now.

When I first saw and handled the Gotland and Finn wool blend used in this piece, I wasn’t so sure about it.  It has a great sheen but seemed too heavy or dense for a scarf or shawl.  Now that I have seen this shawl, I’ve changed my mind and want to make one for myself. The finished, washed shawl is lovely and begs to be touched.  But this batch of yarn has all sold out, so making a shawl for myself depends on whether Kerry can obtain more of Gotland fleece. Hopefully, there will be more by fall. (I get first dibs!)

Brimnes Lace Shawl

Kaia's Brimness_1Kaia's Brimness Shawl 2

The Brimnes Lace Shawl was also designed by Evelyn.  The yarn is four natural shades of Icelandic lambswool.  Jorstad Creek now offers a limited selection of yarn kits for this shawl that have been dyed into matching shades of colors such as rose, rust and blues. Here is one in golden rusts:

Narfi Shades kit

Magpie Scarf


This is another classic from Evelyn A Clark. The Magpie Scarf is big enough to be a shawl and uses a simple garter stitch for the body which showcases the different shades of natural Icelandic lambswool spun into Jorstad Creek’s Narfi.

Lonely Tree Shawl

Lonely_Tree_1Lonely Tree 2

The Lonely Tree Shawl was designed by Silvia Bo Bilvia and is knit from Hjortur yarn, a worsted weight of Icelandic lambswool.

Sorority Shawl

Sorority_Shawl 2Sorority Shawl 2

The Sorority Shawl was shown in the Spring 2013 Issue of Knitscene and was designed by Agnes Kutas-Keresztes. Kaia used Finnpaca which is a 50/50 mix of Finn wool and alpaca.

You can see these shawls in person at the Jorstad Creek booth at Fiber Fusion, October 19 & 20 in Monroe.  This event is free and open to the public.

Thanks for dropping by. I’m off to more KnitKnot Adventures.



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