Yikes! The Back of My Sweater is the Wrong Width!

Gray Vest with AnenomesHi There

This week I’m going to share a trick that has saved me from ripping and re-knitting.

Every knitter has had the experience of happily knitting along and then looking closely at a knitted piece to find that their gauge is off and the piece is too wide or two narrow.  At least every knitter I know. Continue Reading


Update on Testing “CustomFit” Sweater Design Software

Hi There!

This week I want to tell you about the early phase of testing Amy Herzog’s CustomFit software.

Europa Sleeve in Progress

First, though an update on changes to this blog.  I’ve provided more information about myself on the “About” page.  Check it out here. Continue reading

What They Like to Wear

This week I want to show you three vests I made for my husband. The moral of the story is this:

If you want them to wear what you knit, knit what they like to wear.

The knitting I like the best is a puzzle; complex color, stitch and lace patterns or architectural designs with unusual shapes. Two of the vests I’m going to show you are color puzzles.

Tumbling Block Vest FrontTumbling Block Vest Back

The first is a tumbling block vest from my avid Kaffe Fassett period. Continue reading

How Much Yarn Do I Need?

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Final How much yarn KK Adv 003To state the obvious, a knitter needs to know how much yarn is required for a specific project.  I usually think of this in yards.  For example, I know that about 1600 yards of dk weight yarn will be enough for a long sleeve sweater for me.

Lately, though, I have found it helpful to weigh yarn to see whether I have enough.  I have two examples. Continue reading

Kaia’s Splendid Shawls

Hi There!

Kaia's Deciduous Shawl 1My friend Kaia is a knitting fiend.  She’s been pretty much that way for all the time I’ve known her. I’m not sure how long that is – at least 20 years. Like many of us, she always has more than one project on the needles and many more queued up for the near future.  This spring she has risen to new heights, turning out six (yes, I said six) magnificent shawls as if they were as quick to make as her famous peach pies. Today, I am only going to show you five of the shawls as the sixth was just coming off the needles when we were taking pictures of the others.

Kaia decided she would knit shawls in the Jorstad Creek yarns our friend Kerry Graber offers from wool she finds at local northwest farms.  The shawls are samples for Kerry to show in her booth at knitting conferences as well as gatherings of knitters and fiber fanatics. Continue reading