Tale of Two Hand Warmers

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Diamond Mitt 2Long Beaded Cuffs 

Today I want to show you my first two knitting patterns published by BK Collective. Oddly, they are both of a type of hand warmer; one is for fingerless gloves and the other is for cuffs that can cover the wrist, the upper hand or both. It is odd because I haven’t knit many gloves or mittens.

This focus was probably the result of my friend Kerry Graber who owns Jorstad Creek yarns wanting patterns for smaller projects that used her yarns. You can check out Kerry and her yarns at http://jorstadcreek.com/.

Another factor is that I don’t knit socks.  But that’s a topic for another day.

The Mitts and Cuffs are really very different from each other.

Turquoise Diamond MittsThe Diamond Mitts are an intriguing challenge to knit. There is a twisted stitch pattern on the back of the hand, the cables and ribbing on the wrist flow without interruption into the twisted stitch pattern and on to the top, and there is an unusual thumb gusset. Just the thing for an experienced knitter looking for a challenge.

I used blue lace weight Icelandic yarn, “Svana”, doubled to create a warm substantial fabric. The pattern is on Ravelry at   http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/diamond-mitts-2.re.

As a new designer, I have an urge to create something entirely new with an abundance of embellishments.  I have noticed this in some other new designers as well.  Sometimes this works.  And sometimes it is just too much.  I think the mitts are a good balance.  Tell me what you think.

The Beaded Cuffs are veShort Beaded Cuffsry different: Easy, fun and hip. The stitch is a simple ribbing with a slip stitch on some rows. The beads are placed with an easy technique that does not require stringing them onto the working thread.

The long cuffs can be worn down on your hand or farther up your arm to keep you warm with  sleeves that don’t cover your wrist. The short cuffs are great fashion statements.  I always feel powerful and want to say “Shazam!” when I wear them.

I liked the bright green color in “Whidbey” a washable sport weight merino and used bright blue iridescent beads. Again, the pattern in on Ravelry at http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/beaded-cuffs-3.

In the first months that these patterns have been available, they are selling about equally.  I guess that says there are knitters who just want to have fun and knitters who look for a challenge.  For me, it depends.

 Thanks for dropping by. I’m off to more KnitKnot Adventures.



One thought on “Tale of Two Hand Warmers

  1. I’m liking your designs, and am in the process of published a few patterns myself. Always good to see others out there!


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