Foot Steps Lace Scarf

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Foot Steps Lace Scarf 

When I approach designing a scarf, I have a few criteria.  One of the most important is that the scarf looks the same from both sides.  There are a number of simple knitting stitches that can create such a scarf:  garter stitch, ribbing, and seed stitch to name a few.  There are also laces built on garter stitch which are traditional in many cultures but rarely my choice as they have a bumpy, horizontal look.

Foot Steps 4 4 final Foot Steps Scarf 1 Lighter

My third published pattern uses another approach to a reversible scarf.  The Foot Steps Lace Scarf has a strong vertical pattern and reminds me of foot steps in the snow.  It is a simple pattern with only 3 different rows.  Continue reading


Testing “Custom Fit” Sweater Design Software

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I’m so excited. I just can’t hide it. (The music fades out. . .)

A few weeks ago, Amy Herzog announced that she is working on new software to tailor sweater patterns for a flattering fit. Amy recently published “Fit to Flatter” on this topic. In the announcement, she asked for Beta testers of the software,  I sent the information requested and was accepted as one of the testers!

So what does this mean, you ask? Testers will use the pre-release version of the Custom Fit software to tailor a sweater design to their shape and measurements. And then knit the sweater within four weeks of the start date. A timeline of four weeks is a bit scary. Most of you know it always takes me a lot longer than that. But then, I rarely work on one thing at a time. Continue reading

Tale of Two Hand Warmers

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Diamond Mitt 2Long Beaded Cuffs 

Today I want to show you my first two knitting patterns published by BK Collective. Oddly, they are both of a type of hand warmer; one is for fingerless gloves and the other is for cuffs that can cover the wrist, the upper hand or both. It is odd because I haven’t knit many gloves or mittens.

This focus was probably the result of my friend Kerry Graber who owns Jorstad Creek yarns wanting patterns for smaller projects that used her yarns. You can check out Kerry and her yarns at

Another factor is that I don’t knit socks.  But that’s a topic for another day.

The Mitts and Cuffs are really very different from each other. Continue reading

Getting Started

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Knitting has been a part of my life for more than 40 years. (Can youAlice Jean's Blanket believe that? 40 years?!?) My first knitting project was a blanket for my doll Alice Jean in garter stitch. My mom found this very blanket a few years ago. Two colors with the second color of yarn beginning in the middle of a row. A true work of art.

I’ve learned a lot since then. I just finished a shawl in Estonian Lace. The name of the shawl pattern is Laminaria designed by Elizabeth Freeman.


I added the beads for some sparkle and weight around the edge. Continue reading